Marine engineering is one career that’s not only lucrative but also enterprising worldwide. The career consists of skilled individuals with the ability to design, construct and not to mention maintaining of vehicles plus structures that are used on water. With marine technology, you will be in a position to come up with cruise ships, oil platforms together with harbors.

For better understanding, it’s worth noting that marine engineering can be traced back more than 5 centuries ago with the French inventor Deni’s Papin. Since then, marine engineering has been the highest paying career across the continent. While it may be true that becoming a marine engineer is the best option, it’s a demanding profession. In many, cases you’ll be required to show a higher-level of understanding in science, technology plus engineering.

Just like other careers, marine is

There’s a mandatory requirement of obtaining a pass with more than 60 percent aggregate in three subjects, including Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. If you want to get employed as a professional marine engineer, you must be in a possession of a bachelor’s degree in the field that you need employment. Having basic knowledge of marine propulsion, fluid dynamics, and ship design, you’ll have an added advantage.

Just like other careers, marine is a progressive profession that supports knowledge enrichment. There are both advanced programs in different fields that are not limited to materials science, managing engineering projects plus electrical power systems. Enroll to master’s plus doctorate programs in this field and give your profession a greater boost. Besides huge remuneration, there are other multiple benefits that are associated with the marine profession.

Reasons Marine Engineers Earn Different Salaries

The first thing is that there are no gender restrictions and therefore, everybody can become a marine engineer. On the negative side, you’ll have to persevere several strenuous challenges of working at sea. In a similar manner, there you’ll be required to meet certain physical standards that are outlined in the Merchant Shipping Medical Examination Rules. If you’re a foreigner that wants to work as a marine engineer in India, you’ll have to get special permission from the Ministry of Shipping.

The question of how a marine engineer earns money in India is one thing that cannot be answered exhaustively. Although marine engineers are highly paid in India, their salary scale varies depending on a number of factors. Under normal circumstances, engineers are paid based on the five ranks. For instance, if you’re an engineer cadet your salary will range from Rs 35000 to 75000 INR every month. This is approximately 300 to 1200 USD every month.

A fourth engineer is entitled to a salary ranging between $2000 and $4000 per month. There is a third rank with a salary scale running from 4000 to 5900 USD monthly. The two highest ranks in the field carry a monthly payment ranging between 75000 10000 USD. Studies show that the majority of sailors are often paid when they’re on the vessel. In general, the salary of a marine engineer in India varies depending on their respective ranks. This explains why a chief engineer earns close to 10000 USD while an engineer cadet takes home less than 1200 USD.