India is a coastal nation that has hugely benefited because of its strategic location. A country that can access coastal lines profit mainly from the trading making that a good source of income for the country. Maritime neighbors are countries that border each other along the sea area. These places share trading routes which have developed over a period of time before civilization even began. India has a number of coastal neighbors including Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, the Maldives and Thailand. These imaginary lines have been divided in the sea so that each country can have its portion of sea waters which they can have free rein over.

India's maritime neighbors have built a

India’s maritime neighbors have built a good relationship over time, boosting trading opportunities all around it. Countries that are further away from India’s coast across the sea like the Seychelles and Mauritius have greatly benefited from the good relationship with India’s marines. India has become a power that can stand on its own, therefore, smaller countries rely on its capabilities. During disasters affecting its neighbors, India has proven itself in providing timely help to these nations.

India's Relationship with its Maritime Neighbors

Technological abilities in India are rising with nations like the Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius relying on their abilities to provide innovative coastal radar for surveillance. Coasts need proper protection because of the number of cargo ships and people in the sea. There is a need for thorough security, and India has stepped up to help in that area. The partnerships formed are important to help in the naval capacities of the lesser equipped nations. These partnerships between nations have boosted the trading system, security and relationships among them. India also conducts visits to various ports to provide new insights and exercises plus training for its maritime neighbors.

Bangladesh is a country close to India along the coast. These nations have teamed up to fight the war against terrorism which is a serious problem to any nation that borders coastal areas. Pirates are a notorious menace, but efforts between India and Bangladesh to bring down terrorism are slowly coming to fruition. As much as the efforts are being made to fight terrorism, more efforts should be made to protect sea routes that are frequented by the terrorists. The fight against terrorism is mainly focused on land, and this needs to change for naval systems to run smoothly between the countries.

There is deep appreciation for the efforts that India has put in place to develop its maritime capacities, which have also extended to its neighboring countries. The focus in strategic development has increased trading between them because better ports have been built, the sea routes are protected from pirates and, this impacts the economy of a country positively too. Since the improvement of technological abilities, ideas, and timely help during the emergencies plus improvement of security, India has become a vital partner in the region. Though rifts are common, India has proven to be a power to look up to, especially in how quickly they have risen to a stronghold that others can take refuge in.