Although there are numerous definitions of maritime that can be obtained online, it’s a term that means bordering a sea or an ocean. Under normal circumstances, this term is directly connected to hundreds of countries bordering seas or oceans. Bordering the ocean is one thing that can bring several benefits to countries, including connecting a country to the outside world. Available figures show that countries with maritime borders have witnessed tremendous development, especially in terms of trade. Equally, maritime has emerged as one major tourist attraction center overtaking parks in popularity. This is attributed to the creation of water-based sports such as kite surfing, Sea Kayaking and many others.

India is among the countries that

India is among the countries that boast beautiful coastline worldwide. India’s maritime is estimated to be about 7000 km in length, putting the country on a list of the top twenty nations with the longest coastline worldwide. Despite the numerous benefits that the coastline has brought to India, plenty of challenges that India is facing due to maritime cannot be disregarded. Another challenge that India is facing due to its vast coastline is insecurity. Available publications show that firearms are often smuggled into the country through its coastline. This poses more risks to a nation that has been facing internal conflicts that have lasted for decades. On top of smuggling weapons, India’s coast is seen as a hub of human trafficking businesses that have tainted the name of India.

In many occasions, India has found

In many occasions, India has found itself on a receiving end for being behind outlawed human trafficking. To make matters worse, it is not only people that are smuggled into India. The country is making headlines for other weird reasons, including selling body parts. In simple terms, India is a country where you can become billionaires by tracking body parts. Identically, the expansive nature of India’s maritime is complicating the security patrol situation that’s worsening every day. With tensions between China and India rising every single day, this could be a point of interest if all turns for the worse. Not to mention that maritime India is witnessing another challenge that’s directly related to security problems.

3 Maritime Challenges to India

That is to say, illegal fishing practices that have been rampant recently are part of the overall challenges that India is crumbling with. Another challenge that India is facing for bordering the sea is the ever-increasing cases of natural calamities. It’s worth noting that India has recorded some of the worst natural calamities on the continent, ranging from floods, hunger and together with others. More essentially, most fatalities emanating from the Indian Ocean have had the worst impact in this nation.

For example, the Indian Ocean Tsunami that took place nearly two decades ago killed hundreds of people. The worst part is that it involves closer to seven countries. Equally, India has witnessed an exceedingly high number of cyclones recently, starting with Cyclone Odisha that was reported close to fifteen years ago to Cyclone Amphan that was witnessed a year ago. Generally speaking, India has experienced more than nine strongest cyclones in history. To make matters worse, the situation is expected to worsen with the ever-increasing challenges of climate change. This means that India should intensify measures of disaster preparedness so that more lives are not lost.

While it may be true that there are plenty of marine challenges that India is experiencing, there are scores of benefits that this nation is enjoying for bordering the Indian Ocean. The first thing that India is enjoying from its maritime trade is trade. The presence of the sea has lessened trade, and it’s one reason India is seen as the best business attraction center. Globally, India falls on the list of the top hundred nations with ease in doing business. Additionally, fishing activities have become a source of income in India, thanks to maritime presence.

Above all, you cannot say categorically that maritime has done no good to India. Just like other nations that border seas or oceans, it has both positive and negative attributes. Negative maritime attributes include insecurity and the emergence of natural calamities. In terms of benefits, maritime has opened India to the outside world, something that has strengthened trade and therefore, it’s important to look at everything as a whole.